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Jennifer, working wife, loving mother daughter and sister, and all round First Class Lady was a very organised, precise and determined individual. Passed away at home, 9:30am 28th January.

So despite a hope we could have had a wake, and scattering of half her ashes (the other half in Oklahoma by her mother's grave) in the garden at our home in Littleport (14A Victoria St), it's not practical in February. [I was originally under strict instructions to get it all done within a month]

We've booked the Almonry in Ely (one of the city's oldest buildings, and selected by Jennifer). 2-5pm Saturday 16th March; finger buffet and open bar. We will be sharing some happy memories of her life around 3pm. Please bring yours. For those unable to travel, we will have a Zoom session available.

Dress code: whatever you want, but think of it more like a wedding reception than a funeral. Wrap up warm, because if we overspill into the Cathedral gardens it could be quite chilly in mid-March.

Ely is well connected by train and it's a ten minute walk from the station (I would recommend via Annesdale, riverside walk, Waterside and Fore Hill). Also ample free parking and several nearby places we can suggest if an overnight stay is desired. I will be providing a simple ridesharing scheme.

There are many other things to do in Ely if you wish to arrive early or depart late; including the Cathedral and its Stained Glass museum, the local museum, antique shops, the Saturday Market, riverside walks and trip boat, and Country Park.

Anyone whose life she touched is welcome, with +1's; RSVP to help us estimate numbers. Jennifer would prefer one person to actually turn up, versus ten people to be no-shows.

No flowers please (we have enough of those in our garden) but I'd welcome groups of like-minded people to organise their own jointly signed card. Which I can scan and upload here. And/Or take some group photos on the day.

I was hoping to find some breadcrumbs regarding a suitable memorial, but in the last few days have been bombarded by loaves of bread (other metaphors are available). Expect some sort of announcement.

The UK-ashes will be scattered at a private event on 14th March, which would have been her 61st birthday.

Roland. Proud to be known as "Jennifer's Husband".
Happily ever after.